Thread Veins and Other Vascular Lesions

Thread Veins Treatment and Other Vascular Lesions

Thread or “broken” veins, that can often develop on the face with age, exposure to sun and wind, and hormonal change, may be readily treated with the Aura vascular laser. This laser produces light, that when directed at the skin, passes through the surface to be selectively absorbed by haemoglobin, the red pigment within blood, within the visible veins that lie just below the skin surface. As a result the blood heats up, with subsequent clotting and/or closure of the blood vessel in question.


What Can Be Treated?

As well as facial thread vein treatment, benign vascular lesions, red birth marks (port-wine stains), “spider” veins, or any other superficial skin vascular anomaly may benefit from treatment. The laser can be used for thread veins on the leg but the results are less predictable.


(Thread veins removal)

How Effective is Treatment?

The response to treatment will vary with the individual, but in general a 50-75% overall improvement in appearance would be expected with one treatment.

Is Treatment Painful?

The laser treatment is a little uncomfortable, feeling like a series of “pin-pricks”. No anaesthetic is usually required.

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What is the Skin Like After Treatment?

The skin is usually a little red and warm for a day or two but bruising does not generally occur. Crusting of the skin surface can occasionally occur, taking a few days to settle, and if large areas e.g. the cheeks are treated, there may be some transient swelling.

Are There Any risks?

Scarring and pigment change, that can occur with any form of laser treatment are extremely rare.

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