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SkinCeuticals: Preventing Protect Correct

Exposure to ultra-violet light, air pollution, cigarette smoke and other environmental agents can accelerate signs of ageing such as uneven skin tone, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines. Whilst sunscreens will protect the skin to some extent, the additional application of a topical antioxidant will work at a deeper level to add an extra layer of essential protection, reducing  progression of ageing changes in the skin.

With extensive personal experience and satisfaction of SkinCeuticals, we are pleased to be able to offer advice on skin care and supply products from the SkinCeuticals skincare portfolio.

SkinCeuticals focuses on improving the appearance of the skin not just by applying corrections, but by protecting it from harmful influences and preventing the re-emergence of skin problems. All products and treatments carrying the SkinCeuticals name use only pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients of the highest order, backed by scientific testing, that as part of a comprehensive SkinCeuticals skincare programme, can work to produce excellent results.

Sunscreens carrying the SkinCeuticals name are also among the most comprehensively protective on the market today, containing a unique blend of ingredients including transparent zinc oxide-z-cote®, that in addition to providing extraordinary protection, are also exceptionally light and unlikely to irritate even sensitive skin.

The SkinCeuticals product range also extends to a series of treatments created to exfoliate, lighten, repair and generally repair damaged or unhealthy-looking skin. Moisturising products can nourish the skin, improving elasticity and providing hydration. Toners and cleansers contain active cleansing agents, botanical extracts and hydroxyl acids – all of which combine to exfoliate, purify and rebalance the skin in a gentle and effective manner.

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