Muscle Relaxant Injections

Muscle Relaxant Injections

Frown lines, facial furrows and wrinkles are caused by the constant movement and contraction of muscles beneath the skin. By the injection of minute quantities of muscle relaxant, (more commonly known as Botox® injections), these muscles can be relaxed thereby softening and diminishing the appearance of the overlying frown lines and wrinkles. It also blocks the release of sweat from sweat glands and so is also used for the problem of excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis)


(Treatment for frown lines)

Which Areas Can Be Treated?

The upper third of the face primarily benefits from treatment: the forehead, the furrows between the eyebrows (the glabellar region), and the lines around the eyes (“crow’s feet”). The injections have the effect of relaxing the muscles, thereby reducing the degree of frowning. [Treatment is administered to the armpits to abolish sweating.]


(Forehead lines treatment)

Treatment is administered by a number of small fine-needle injections, that take only a few minutes to perform. The injections do sting a little and although no anaesthetic is required, an ice pack can be applied to the area prior to treatment to reduce discomfort.


(Crow’s feet treatment)

What to Expect

The treatment usually starts to take effect after around 3 days, reaching a maximum at 7-10 days, when further “touch-up” injections can be administered if necessary. The effect initially lasts for 3-4 months (longer when used for excessive sweating) but this may increase after repeat injections.


The initial consultation costs £60, although this is waived if treatment is provided at that consultation.

Cost of treatment: £210 for one area + £110 per additional area. Areas: glabella, forehead, eyes. Treatment for armpit sweating – separate tariff.

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